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We love partnering and working with other creators in the space!

A lot of projects and teams are looking for more exposure on KOL/Influencer platforms. Despite it being the bear market, we are still getting lots of traffic on our main pages and collaborations have only been increasing.

We only have so many creators on our team and there's a lot of projects who need more people. We would love to get you involved in a few campaigns this month.

Now you don't have to do ANYTHING - We just need to know that we can shoot you a message and you will be ready to communicate and discuss the sponsorship with us instead of getting stuck in your inbox when the time comes :)

It's a no-lose situation for you as all that will happen is you'll get more sponsorship offers! You’re not signed to any contract or anything! Please fill the form below!

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Please include all relevant social pages available for promotion, account rates, timelines, and any other relevant info to get you started as soon as possible!